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How to Make a Living As a Forex Trader

There are now millions of people around the world who make a successful living as a full time forex trader. Do you want to join them? Suppose, you have a day job but you are interested in your financial freedom and you want to pass your time with your family. You want to get out of the corporate rat race and want your own home business.

What to do? Learn forex trading. Make your plan. Suppose, you want to make $10,000 per month before you will think of leaving your day job. How to achieve $10,000 per month with forex? Obviously, you are not going to achieve your goal in one day. It might take you a few months. Suppose, you set the target of 9 months. You think in the next 9 months if you work with determination, you should be able to start making $10,000 per month.

In the first month, devote four hours in the evening after your job to educate yourself about forex trading. Most of the information is freely available. What is the best forex trading tool? Education! Yes, first educate your…

How To Lose Money Trading Forex

There are many ways to lose all your money in the Forex markets. Many traders are already very good at this already and do it on a daily basis. They do everything from overleveraging to overtrading. For those of you that want to be like them, read on and you will be losing money in no time!

One of the best ways to lose money is not having a planned and tested methodology to trading Forex. Just jump into your first real money trade from the first week that you learn about Forex! It's guaranteed to drain your account. Now you might get unlucky and have a few winning trades at first, but don't worry. Just make sure not to learn anything about the markets and how they work and just keep jumping in and out of trades.

Another guaranteed account killer is overleveraging. You can leverage up to 50 to 1 with Forex in the US. Do you realize what this means? You can deposit $1,000 and control $50,000 in the market! It just takes a few pips with this kind of leverage to ruin your account. S…

Forex Training Videos - How to Build a $34 Million Account?

James Lampert, a professional forex trader is ready to share with you how he built his $34 million forex account. He has recently released a set of 3 forex training videos that explain in a step by step detail forex methods that he had used to built his $34 million forex account.

The beauty of forex trading is that you can start with low capital something like $500 and compound that small amount into a fortune over time. This is what all the great traders did. They all started with a small amount in their trading accounts. Take a few names. Bruce Kovner, a former NYC Taxi Cab Driver started with only $3,000 borrowed on his credit card and over the years turned that into a whpping $11 billion. Richard Dennis, another trading legend started with only $400 and ended up making $200 million.

So you don't need a large amount into your trading account. But you need to learn one simple trick if you want to grow your small amount into a fortune. The trick lies in learning the art of hitting …

How to Improve Your Forex Results

You've started trading currency online, or Forex trading, but the results have been less than stellar, to say the least. You are in desperate need of a successful trade before frustration or depression set in and bring your Forex trading endeavor to an abrupt halt. There are a few things you can do greatly improve your chances of making successful trades.

A common mistake in most industries, especially online business opportunities, is improper or incomplete application of proven methods. This is very true of most first-time Forex traders. They jump in believing all the hype about how Forex is going to make them thousands of dollars with no effort at all, and then they proceed to put no effort into it. That is a recipe for disaster.

Forex trading works, but the improper and inconsistent application of winning Forex methods has resulted in a long line of failed Forex traders.

So the first thing you need to do in order to become successful at Forex is read, learn and then consistently …

How to Discover a Winning Forex Strategy

With the economy still lagging after the Great Recession, and high unemployment, everyone is looking for a way to earn an extra income. One of the most intriguing methods is in the Forex market. This writer has found a winning Forex plan, would like to share it with readers. This is not intended in any way as financial advice, but as an experiment for you in order to see this software in action. First, download a free MT4 platform from a Forex broker. Second, download the "nld" indicator I'll tell you about. Third, install it into your MT4 trading platform.

* Invest in the right currency pair in the right time frame
* Invest in small amounts; don't get greedy as some investors do.
* Use a reliable indicator to know when to execute trades.
* Learn from the experience of others who have been doing this longer.
* Expand your horizons and keep learning all you can about the Forex markets.

These are a few tips on forming a winning Forex system. However, moving beyond the pe…

How to Begin With Forex

The Forex market offers many advantages to investors, but knowing how to begin is more than half the battle. This guide will give a rundown of the steps it takes to get started.

Forex is not easy! You MUST have your knowledge or the knowledge of experts to make money on your investments! It is easy to get started trading, but knowing the trades to take--that is the difficult part!

Step 1: LEARN! Learn as much as you can about Forex. Read Forums, blogs, guides, books...anything you can get your hands on! The more you know, the more knowledge you will have when it comes time to make decisions about a trade or a trading service!

Step 2: A broker is required to handle your trades. Do a LOT of research! Find a broker with NO DEALING DESK, as these broker have a human watching the trades that come in an out of the brokerage...often trading against you in order to make money on your trades (in which case you lose!) Once you have done your research and chosen a broker, open a demo account. This …

Forex Training Course Lesson: A Forex Trading Strategy That Actually Works

When you check around for a forex trading strategy that actually works, it can be tough to determine what is the best strategy to use. Countless methods provide very short term ambitions which could produce significant profits for a short time and then a crash. Dishonest merchants develop these systems to offer to others because they can focus on a high performance month which demonstrates remarkable gains. They don't really tell you about the negative effects.

For this reason the entire currency trading market is obtaining a negative reputation. However not every forex trading strategy is undesirable and learning to trade currencies doesn't need to be very difficult. It all depends upon the kind of trader that you are and whether you are prepared to alter your behavior in order to become prosperous. A quality online forex trading course will help you achieve this. Especially one that offers live training by other successful professional forex traders.

A forex trading strategy i…

How James Lampert Built a $34 Million Forex Account From Scratch Using Simple Methods?

James Lampert came from nowhere and astonished the Forex trading community with this $34 million Forex account that he built from scratch using nothing but simple Forex methods. Many traders were astounded to know that his Forex trading methods don't use any expert advisor or any other Forex software. What he uses are simple Forex methods that anyone can master.

He released a few Forex trading videos in which he released his methods. He uses simple concepts of support and resistance when trading. What these Forex trading videos show that anyone can master these simple Forex strategies and built a Forex account!

What most traders miss is proper risk and money management principles in their trading. Never, ever risk more than 2% of the capital in your trading account on one single trade. Never try to risk everything on a single big trade that you think might make you a fortune. Even when you are dead sure that you have the right signals, you must not ignore sound risk and money manage…

Forex Trading Tools Which Every Trader Need to Make Profits

To trade in forex you require proper kind of tools. Trading on the margin creates forex trading more danger. To become a successful forex trader, you need certain kind of tools like a trusted currency charting software, good trading account in online and an advisory service. Forex trading software is developing element to the forex field. Opening a demo account helps you to check, perform and to handle your trades effectively.

The fundamental forex tool is a trading platform which permits management and execution by man in the trades. There are large numbers of forex brokers helps you to download the trading platforms after making a deposit initially in the foreign brokerage account. Forex charting software do technical checking that depends on the historical cost performance to anticipate future forex price fluctuation. The most fundamental charting software helps to make trend lines, measure averages and to have good track on the exchange price improvement in the course of time. Rich…

Forex Trading Styles - Which Forex Style is Best For You?

There are two main Forex trading styles in use by most Forex traders. Naturally there are hundreds of variations within each style.

Each Forex trading style has differences, so let's take a look at them in more depth.

Technical Forex trading.

This is based on one of two tools - charts or trading models.

Charting Forex tools use charts or graphs to display past currency movements. This allows an "at a glance" view of the direction the market is taking at any given stage. If you are skilled enough to use charts to work out when the market is turning then you should be able to make money on the Forex market. All the things you can do with graphs in programs such as Excel can be used with your charting. There are software programs out there which will import your data and display the resultant charts. As always with software programs, the results you get are only as good as the programmer and the data. When you change to a new software program you should trade for a while "…

Homemaker's FAQ on Forex Trading and Forex Trading Signal Service

People tend to have many questions when they are presented with something new, especially when it is related to their money. The following are questions that homemakers frequently ask regarding forex trading and forex trading signal service:

Q1: Is forex trading safe?
A1: Trading forex is of course safe. The reason is because today more and more country regulates forex market and they enforce strict rules that every forex broker must follow. As a result, we find that only the good brokers stay in the forex trading industry. On a personal level though, it is up to you to determine the safety of your account. If you trade recklessly then you will find that your capital will drain rapidly. Sometimes it is faster to lose money in forex trading than in casino. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself mentally and acquire lots and lots of knowledge or you can choose to go with hiring a good profitable trader and subscribe to his trading signal service. The latter is by far the faster, easier …

Forex Trading Strategy Revealed in 10 Effortless Steps

We would all agree that an effortless forex trading strategy would be the best thing to happen to you. Imagine, no more sitting in font of the monitor for hours and hours waiting for the right setup. This forex method, I am about to reveal is really no secret to all top forex traders; they have known and followed these forex steps for years. I bet that this forex trading strategy is not a new revelation to you also ... but you decided to take the easy route and rely on indicators. With that being said, this strategy I am about to reveal is only halfway through your forex trading journey; you will need to be consistent and willing to learn more. I am going to reveal this forex strategy in 10 effortless steps...

1. Trade during market hours. For those traders that trade USD dollar, only trade between 8:00am to 4:00pm.

2. Do not use indicators. Rely on forex price action analysis and resistance lines.

3. Learn more about Japanese candlesticks and bars. Understand the definition and psycholo…

Forex Trading Strategy - Catch Every Major Trend With This Simple Method!

Here we will look at the Forex trading method the real pros use to make money at FX trading, and you can use it too. The method we will look at is simple to understand and can make you triple digit profits, in just 30 minutes a day; let's take a look at the method in more detail.

There is a huge industry online which sells the message that Forex prices can be predicted in advance and that cheap Forex robots or scientific systems can beat the market. These systems promise you an income for life for a hundred Dollars or so but its obvious they don't work because if they did, everyone would be trading and 95% of traders wouldn't lose, the fact is Forex markets cannot be predicted - period.

So if Forex Markets Cannot be Predicted how do You Make Money?

The answer is simple - you trade the odds and that means you trade high odds chart set ups and the one this simple Forex trading strategy is based on is the way every new big bullish trend starts and continues and that's by bre…

Forex Trading Strategy - An Easy to Understand Method Which Makes Triple Digit Profits!

The Forex trading strategy we will look at here is simple to learn, easy to understand and will make huge gains. This method doesn't predict but trades the reality of price change and will catch every major big trend and profit - Let's take a look at it.

The Forex method is based on the way all the biggest and best trends start and continue and if you look at any currency chart you will see how they do start - by breaking through resistance and making a new high and as a trend continues, the currency will continue to do this.

Now the above is true and you can see it on any chart but most new traders fail to see it and don't base their strategies on this method. The pro traders do and the reason the novice trader doesn't, is simple - he believes that to make money in FX trading, you need to buy "low and sell high" so he looks to predict lows and highs in advance of the move. The problem is no one can predict, its another word for hoping and guessing and these tr…

Forex Trading Mindset - Why Most Traders Can't Accept Big Profits

This may seem an odd headline as your probably thinking all traders want big profits so will accept them - this is not so. Many traders are very often right about the big trends but fail to make money from them. Why? Let's find out.

Many traders have excellent forex methods and are right about the long term trends but cannot hold them due to the emotion of fear.

So what do they fear?

They fear of losing the profit that they have in an open position is something all novice trader struggle with. The bigger the profit gets the greater the temptation is to snatch it before it gets away.

As volatility eats into open equity, the temptation to take the profit becomes too much and the trader banks it.
Missing the Huge Profits and What Might Have Been
Of course the trade then goes on to pile up $20 - 30,000 or more in profits!
The trader knows he should be in - but did not have the mental discipline to stay in the market.

It's easy to say holding a trend is not hard just stay disciplined bu…

Swing Trading Forex - Discover a Way Wealthy Traders Make Consistent Profits

Ever wondered how so many people are making a living trading the Forex market? Well, the most common way that people do this is by using swing trading Forex methods. This form of trading is far less risky than scalping or trading news events. The idea is to catch a point where a currency pairs price movement is about to swing in another direction.

Why is this so powerful? Well, the top traded currency pairs are known to trend for a few hundred pips over a short period of time. So, when you use swing trading methods to find the beginning of a trend, you can let it ride for massive profits. Once you enter a swing trade, it's a smart idea to use a trailing stop loss order. This will allow you to capture as much profit as possible when a currency pair trends a long way. Also, if price turns against you, you will protect your capital.

One method to pick out swing points is by using support and resistance levels. I like to see price channeling between support and resistance lines. It look…

Forex Trading Methods - Discovering Safe And Profitable Forex Trading Methods

Discovering safe and profitable forex trading methods is one of many big difficulties for us to deal with as forex traders if we do want to be competent and successful in currency market. You will discover numerous forex trading systems to choose which are available out there. Now let me try to help you out to triumph over this obstacle.

You are probably going to spend amount of time and energy trying to find them out. To save your efforts, you should bear in mind that any good forex trading methods should have specific qualities. Every good forex trading method should be clear, comprehensive, easy to implement, simple, consistent and safe. Without these qualities, it will be better for you to safe your time, energy and money by avoiding yourself make use of it.

Listed below are several things you should take into consideration when attempting to pick out safe and profitable forex trading methods:

Clear and Concise

This means the methods show you exactly what is going on the market, trad…

Forex Trading Methods - A Simple Proven Strategy For Huge FX Gains in 30 Minutes a Day!

If you are looking for the best Forex trading methods, then the one enclosed is for you; not only does it make huge gains, it's also very easy to understand and apply and takes just 30 minutes a day - lets look at this Forex method in more detail.

If you want to make really big FX gains, you need to focus on the big trends which can last for many weeks or longer, you will see them on any currency trading chart and you will also notice how any big bullish trend starts - They really big trends all start the same way, breaking through resistance to new highs. This method, is based on trading these breakouts and focusing on the high odds breaks which yield the biggest profits - so how do you spot them?

To establish if a breakout is going to be a profitable one, you need to focus on two criteria, how many times the level has been tested and how far apart, the tests are in terms of duration of time. The more times a level has been tested the better. Six or more tests is a good number to u…

Forex Trading Method - Use This Simple and Easy to Understand Method for Triple Digit Gains

The Forex method enclosed can be learned by anyone and is the one most new traders ignore but don't let that concern you too much the majority of traders lose. The strategy though is the one the professional traders use to make money and if you use it too, you could soon be making triple digit gains, in just 30 minutes a day, Let's take a look at it in more detail.

The novice trader normally thinks the way to make money is to "buy low and sell high" so he tries to predict trends in advance. The problem with this is that Forex markets cannot be predicted and most of the time, when this losing trader tries to pick a low he gets stopped out and eventually losses his money. Predicting is hoping or guessing and that won't get you far in life or on Forex trading, so what do the professional traders do?

The professional trader, has no interest in trying to be in at the exact low, his aim is to get in the market when the odds are in his favour and to do this, he looks for …

Forex Trading Made Easy - A Simple Forex Method You Can Use For Triple Digit Gains!

If you are looking for a strategy which makes Forex trading easy, then the one enclosed is for you. Forex trading is not about working hard or having a degree in economics, its about working smart and focusing on the best education and applying it with the correct mindset. If you have motivation to learn and a desire to succeed, Forex trading success can be yours.

Lets take a look at Forex trading made easy in more detail and how you can achieve trading success, by focusing on working smart rather than working hard which will will help you make bigger profits in less time.

Follow Price Action and Ignore the News!

The first point is don't focus on trying to study and trade the news which is time consuming instead, focus on learning how to spot high odds chart patterns. This is a skill you can learn quickly and means you don't focus on why prices are moving, you just follow market action and lock into trends as they happenn and ride them for profits.

Trade the Big Trends

Next, don…

Forex Trading for Beginners Using a Forex Trading Demo Account

One of the very best ways to learn Forex trading for beginners is through the use of a Forex trading demo account. I'm sure you're familiar with the saying, "practice makes perfect". It is certainly no truer than it is in the world of the ever-changing Forex markets.

Why is demo Forex trading a great way to learn? Simply because by using a practice simulator you're able to do one of the most important things and that is to know rather than to guess. What I mean by that by placing trades in a virtual environment you can see the results. Not only can you see the results of each trade, but you see the cumulative effect of all trades placed in the form of your fluctuating account equity. This is typically opposite of what beginning traders do when just getting started. It's very common to simply get a hunch or a Forex trading Tip from a friend and then try to remember months later how things turned out. Typically when you're trying to guess your mind will turn…

Combining Technical and Fundamental Trading Methods For Success

So far, in the previous two articles, we looked at each of the two systems used to analyze currency value in forex currency pairs when traders are assessing trade positions. Most traders see themselves as one type of trader or the other, but successful traders use both methods to varying degree with a bias towards their favorite.

Both of these approaches to market forecasting attempt to solve the same problem; to determine the direction prices are likely to move. They just approach the problem from different directions - the technical trading method focuses more on the value history and uses the current value of a currency in a pair referenced again historical trading ranges and value to give an indication of the likely change and new value that a currency will have in the near future. Currency charting in graphical format is the primary tool. Fundamental trading looks primarily at the primary real market conditions that should determine a currency value now and overlays that assessed …

Forex Trading - 95% of Traders Lose to Enter the Elite 5% - You Must Understand the Enclosed

Today, you would think from all the information you see online that forex trading is easy but of course its not and you wouldn't expect it to be, with the rewards on offer. 95% of traders lose, so what do you need to do to get in the elite 5% of winners?

First forget all the sure fire systems and forex robots sold they normally are not sold by traders but by marketing companies. They normally come with simulated track records that are made up knowing the past data! So don't fall for them.

If you want to succeed in forex trading you need the following:

A simple forex method You Understand and the mindset to apply it with discipline.

The unique challenge of forex trading is not learning a trading method - but getting your mindset right, to apply it with discipline - this causes traders huge problems.


Because you are going to have to trade through losing periods, sure you can win long term but you must keep going in a losing period until you hit a home run and this is NOT easy. Yo…

Forex Trading - 5 Traits of the Millionaire Traders

Anyone can learn forex trading but what separates the true pros the millionaire traders from the rest? This is what we are going to discuss in this article and it's nothing to do with their forex trading system, it's to do with their mindset.

Let's look at the 5 traits that the millionaire traders have and if you can acquire them to, you can enjoy spectacular currency trading success.

1. You are Responsible

This is an obvious one - no trader ever got rich following anyone else. If you think you can follow one of the numerous forex trading systems sold on the net with simulated track records then your wrong.

To enjoy currency trading success you need to learn skills, get the right forex education and that's all free on the net for you to learn. There are no secrets to successful currency trading, everyone has access to the knowledge - the key is in how you apply it.

You're on your own when it comes to changing your financial future but that's the best way and the onl…

Forex Trading - 4 Skills That Could Make You Huge Profits

If you want to learn forex trading the first fact you need to know is that it's not easy and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, it's hard. Why? Because the skills you need are ones that will make most people simply can't learn but if you can you can enjoy currency trading success.

The first skill you need is:

1. Take Responsibility

Today everyone looks for experts to help them and that's fine, if you want your car fixed but it won't help you in forex trading. You need to accept success comes from within and you need to acquire both the confidence and discipline to execute your forex trading strategy and no one else can do this for you.
Your totally on your own.

2. Stand Away From The Crowd

Since Stone Age times man has been used to seeking the safety of the pack, were also very sociable creatures and like to agree with have the majority agree with us.

In forex trading if you run with the pack you will lose because the majority is always wrong, hence 95% of forex tr…

A Guide to Automated Forex

Have you at any point needed to exchange the worldwide markets, yet were frightened you would lose cash?

Let me disclose to you that were likely right in feeling that way, since money exchanging can be unsafe in the event that you don't have the foggiest idea what you are doing.

Wouldn't it be decent on the off chance that you could get your hands on a lot of the $1 trillion that is exchanged day by day? This is the place computerized forex comes in to play, it takes the vast majority of the hazard out forex exchanging. Forex exchanging has no administrative body, and is just administered by worldwide understandings between nations.

The forex advertise is only a system of brokers on their phones, or sitting behind their PCs. Huge numbers of them are utilizing computerized forex techniques to create a lot of cash. It has never been less difficult!

There is no checking of forex thusly, yet as of late specialists have been uncovering a lot more tricks and dangers to brokers. Righ…

Forex Trading - 3 Mistakes To Avoid

Forex trading can be a very profitable feat. Every year, there are more and more people getting rich from the Forex markets. If you take your time and work hard at learning the skill of trading, there is a very good chance you can become one of these people and become financially independent. It is not a get rich quick market however. It actually does take time and hard work to master the skill. This is a disappointing fact to many newer traders, but if you avoid the following mistakes, you can potentially cut years off of your learning curve.

The first mistake that many new traders make is not testing out their Forex trading strategy. They read about a system on some forums and decide that it's the right system for them and start trading real money with it. Unfortunately, even if the system is profitable, it will be very hard to have the confidence to make intelligent decisions once in the trade if you have not tested it out for yourself. If you read about a trading method that yo…