Silicon Forex Review ? A Professional Trader & Software Engineer Develop A Forex Trading Robot Product Description

Silicon Forex is an automated trading robot designed by a professional Forex trader and a top computer engineer. Over time the system has proved to have a 75% win to loss ration. 
Silicon Forex takes one trade every three days and the monthly average net score is in the +400 Pip's neighbourhood. Very importantly it is worth pointing out that the system's maximal drawdown is only 15% which is very good. In other words you entire account can not be wiped out with a few poor trades. Everything involving the trade has been automated: entry level, stop loss, target price and lot size are fully automated and placed right as the trade is triggered. That means that the robot will not enter a position without placing at the same time the stop loss and the target levels.

Product Key Points

1) Trades by itself on autopilot and it can be switched on and off at will.

2) You can start trading with only $100.

3) The robot possesses extremely solid money management rules and risk tolerance systems.

4) Works with any MetaTrader4 brokerage firm.

5) It can be tested and refined to meet your needs with any virtual money account through a demo account supplied by the brokerage firm of your choice.

Product Review

This Automated software developed to function in all trading environments as is rated as a Mid Top Tier Product. We spend countless hours researching all the various software trading platforms that are out there and the Silicon Forex performed well in all of the four areas we concentrate our research on. We gave it 9 out of 10 due to the fact it is a fairly new product on the market and we need to determine a longer term pattern for it. Please check for our next update as we anticipate upgrading our recommendation if the profits it is establishing and the margins it has maintained to date continue.

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